How To Sign Up

How to sign up for a workshop..

1. Go to studio designs and pick your board size and which design you would like. We have over a hundred to choose from. Each board size is listed with the designs underneath.

2. Sign up for your workshop. You can do this 2 ways. First you can go to the discover tab and then Workshops. Choose the Workshop you would like, Pick your package and continue to sign up. The second way is to go to our calendar and choose the date you would like. Click on the heading and follow the link to your Workshop, Pick your board size and continue to sign up.

3. After you pick your Board size/package. Add to cart. Continue on to the questions.

Question 1- Pick your pallet. Here you have a choice of a staggered uneven board or a strait edge board. If you choose a mason jar design pick which one from 1-5 choices you would like. Pick corn hole board if your doing a corn hole class.

Question 2-Pick your design. Look for your board size in the headings when you scroll down. Find your size board and choose the design you would like beneath it.

Question 3-Monogram information. If you choose a monogram, please list your Last name and established date. If you choose one with children and both parents name list it here also. If no Monogram chosen add N/A in this block.

Question 4-Custom designs. Add the wording of your custom design here. Price for the custom designs is $10. Jan. 1st 2019 it will go up to $20. If you have a sample of your custom design please email it to or text a copy to 775-515-2131. No custom designs will be made after the closing date of the workshop. If a picture is submitted after designs are made there will be an addition design fee. Designs are time consuming I’d like to have it right for you the first time. So add all details you’d like please.

Question 5- Who would you like to sit by. If your coming with friends to a workshop please list their name here. When you come in I’ll have you all seated together.

Question 6- Workshop Policies. These are fully listed under the discover tab, please read them before signing up. Here is also our cancellation policy.

Once you add to cart it will take you to your checkout. Once you pay for your class you will be officially signed up. If you have any questions give me a call! I’m here for you.. can’t wait to meet you in the studio. 775-515-2131.